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These Nonprofit Members Lived The List!

Take a look through some of these heartwarming examples of Nonprofit members who already Lived The List! We are overjoyed to help our members achieve their hopes and dreams and live an inspired life. As you read through them, you will see that these were life changing experiences for all.


Brenda And Her Kids Lived Their List By Going To Kalahari ResortBrenda Weiss they lived the list

Brenda and her family are able to live their list in honor of her husband Mike! After her loss, Brenda wanted to give her kids the break they new they deserved. We’re thrilled to have sent them for a weekend away at Kalahari Resort.

In Brenda’s Words:  

“I was a stay at home mom who now had to find a way to support our family & was left to tell a 6 and 7 year old that Daddy couldn’t be saved and won’t be coming home. I know that it was Mike that gave me the strength to tell our children and gave me the courage to go back to college once I was able to function somewhat. I have 1 more year left of school to become a surgical technologist. I know Mike is rooting us on and is with us with every breath we take… Thank you SO much for our trip to Kalahari…we had so much fun, despite the 90 degree weather!”

Melissa Lived The List By Receiving Kayaks For Her FamilyMelissa b they lived the list

Melissa lost her husband just 5 days before their wedding anniversary after a fast and crazy 6 moth battle with testicular cancer. Her children and her have stayed strong and managed to find peace out on the water with their new found love of kayaking! It is our honor to grant them new kayaks to continue to live their list together as a family.

In Melissa’s Words:

“This past summer, my two girls and myself discovered a love for kayaking. Out on the water, it is so peaceful! It is a way for us to spend time with each other, out in nature, and also feel connected with God and His creation. It’s a way for me to clear my head and feel peace. I would like this sponsorship to help purchase kayaks so we can enjoy this new hobby we’ve found.”

Christine Lived the List by Taking Her Family to a San Fransisco Giants Game

christine ames they lived the list photo 1Christine has honored her husband Phil and his love for the Giants by taking her family to  one of their games. She has embraced the mindset of that every day counts and is precious. We are thrilled to make this dream a reality for Christine and her family.

In Christine’s Words: 

“[We] have discussed an “Ames Family Bucket List.” We are LIVING, and that’s something that I’ve learned we must do post-loss, thanks to Michelle, and OneFitWidow. We know Phil would want us to LIVE and go forward.
Our list includes things that Phil wanted to experience, his dreams, places we had planned to go as a family, and things that will honor Phil’s life and teach my children something about their father.”

Wendy Lived The List By Getting Certified To Scuba Dive

Wendy will be living her husbands dream of being a marine biologist. They had always discussed getting scuba certified together and Wendy didn’t let her loss stop her. She bravely took on the challenge of becoming PADI certified and taking a scuba trip with her daughter.

In Wendy’s Words: 

Just returned from my dive trip and I am officially PADI certified!  My daughter came wendy 3along with me and we had a wonderful time going through this experience together. My husband would be so proud! I’m living for two now and I know he was smiling from up above as we took on a new and exciting adventure! Many,many thanks to Live theList for such a great opportunity! You guys ROCK and I’ll be sure to pay it forward as I support opportunities for other widows to boldly Live The List!”

Morgan Lived The List By Attending Camp Widow, Tampa

Camp Widow is an amazing experience where widows and widowers from around the nation, and the world, come together in a safe and inspiring way. Morgan became part of this beautiful community that uplifts those in their time of grief. It is truly our honor to be able to provide her with the opportunity to be a part of this experience.

In Morgans words: 

“This weekend I experienced Camp Widow Tampa 2017. I am overwhelmed with the emotions I experienced this weekend. A few words to describe this weekend are..amazing, powerful, exhausting, unforgettable, support, community, tears, laughter, faith, life, future, and hMorgan z they lived the listope. I cried as much as I expected, but I laughed so much more than I imagined. Being around people who share the same type of loss is truly good for your soul. I have never felt this safe to be myself since I lost my husband. I didn’t have to sugar coat things or be careful how to word things so I didn’t scare someone off or make them uncomfortable. I can use the term “my husband”, without it leading to me having to explain I’m widowed. I met so many amazing people and left with countless connections. Thank you Live the List and Camp Widow for making this trip happen. You have helped me in so many ways and I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me. This will forever change my life and it gave me the hope I came there looking for!” 

Lori And Her Children Lived Their List By Attending Camp Kerry

Lori W 1Camp Kerry is a weekend retreat for family grieving. Over the weekend, families take part in family activities, youth grief activities, memory evenings and much more. With Lori being the only Child and Youth Mental Health therapist within 400 km, providing therapy to her children was not an option. Camp Kerry provided Lori and her kids the tools the needed to heal, allowing her to live the happy and healthy life that her husband Kory intended for them.

In Lori’s Words:

lori wagner for they lived the list 1“My children grew in their grief development through tears and laughter.  When times got tough, there was always a counsellor waiting to take one of my kids for a walk and talk and just be there to understand.  Sometimes my words are not enough, and these volunteers are more than just volunteers-they love each family who attends, and spends every minute making sure we can get the most out of camp. My kids and I reconnected with old friends and staff, and made new ones.  We came back changed, raw, vulnerable; yet healed a little bit more.”

Brittany Lived The List by Taking Her Family On An Adventure to the Zoo & A Waterpark

Brittany and her children have followed through on their plans to go to the zoo and a Waterpark in honor of her husband Jason. Only two of her children were able to attend the zoo before her husband’s ATV accident. We are honored to have made this possible for Brittany and her kids!

Brittany M Living The List 01In Brittany’s Words:

 “Wow! I’m beyond happy to know we have been sponsored! It’s a blessing for our family during such an emotional year! 

I know this would make Jason smile knowing I finally got to take all the kids. Those kids deserve the world.

Me and the kids need quality time so badly out of this town. We appreciate the opportunity to tell you our story!”


Amanda Lived The List by Attending Camp Widow

Together with Soaring Spirits International, we were able to help Amanda achieve her dream of attending Camp Widow.


In Amanda’s Words:

“This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
I FOUND myself again after years of being in a dark hole, not knowing what to do or where to go from here. I found myself among a loving and kind community in which I realized I was not alone. I learned to laugh again. I learned I DO have the confidence deep down to start my next chapter and for once, that was not a scary thing. I formed life long friendships, we laughed together, we cried together, we found beauty in our horrible situations. Camp Widow was the best thing I have ever done and I can’t wait to attend again. This is just the beginning, when I thought everything had come to an end.”

Laura Lived The List With a Photograph of Her Husband Sam and Their Newborn Son

When we read Laura’s story about the loss of her husband Sam just 18 days after the birth of their only child, our hearts were filled with sadness. Laura’s request was heartbreaking in its simplicity – all she wanted was a photo of Laura, Sam and their son Amos. We were honored to help make that happen with the help of Shutterbug Photography.

Laura BIn Laura’s Words:

“I was SO BLESSED to have this opportunity to Live The List! I respect how Michelle used the tragedy in her own life to create the Live The List Nonprofit to help others. I hope one day to be able to use my story to help other women…widows, and especially single mothers!  Thank you so much for all you do!”

Sara Lived The List With Memorial Beads For Herself & Daughters

Can you imagine the horror of marrying the man you love in November 2014, and then losing him just one month later? We were honored to award Sarah and her daughters a Live The List Sponsorship.

Sarah BIn Sara’s Words:

“Life without my husband has been excruciatingly difficult for not just me, but for our children.  Because of this sponsorship, I was able to fulfill a wish that I’ve have for all of us since our lives changed so unexpectedly.  These necklaces are a way that we can literally keep a part of him with us all the time and hold him close to our hearts.  Thank you so much for making this dream come true!! “


Suzanne & Kendall Lived The List By Taking Their First Vacation Together Since Losing Kenneth

Suzanne and Kendall made it through the first brutal year of losing their husband & father. But two days after the first anniversary of his death, Suzanne received the terrible news that she had Stage 3 Cancer. Since then, Suzanne has received treatment and has a good prognosis, but the fact that her daughter Kendall had never had a vacation weighed heavily on her mind. Of course we were humbled to provide a weekend away for this resilient woman and her daughter. We also wish to thank Michele Cymeck of Key To The World Travel for her help in organizing the accommodation for this sponsorship.

Suzanne S Weekend AwayIn Suzanne’s Words:

“I am so excited and blessed to have been chosen. I’m speechless! I’m so excited to take my daughter, Kendall on this trip to remember Kenneth in the best way possible. I really appreciate this opportunity and we will never forget this trip. This June would have been our 13th wedding anniversary.”

“Being chosen for Live the List sponsorship is something I am forever grateful for and we had a blast.”