Life After Loss by Andrea Ash

Late in 2015, the Live The List Nonprofit was contacted by a widow named Andrea who wanted to see how she could help the Nonprofit raise funds in support of our mission. We felt truly blessed that Andrea, a professional fundraiser, would be so generous with her time and expertise, particularly since the loss of her husband occurred just over a year ago. But Andrea’s desire to help others hasn’t stopped with her offer of help to Live The List. In this (read more…)

Save Space

This is going to be my second Mother’s Day since my husband suddenly left this earth. My husband, Rob made Mother’s Day very special. Not in the way that some women expect the day to go….with bouquets, diamonds and jewelry. He wanted me to do whatever I needed that day. He encouraged me to go for a long run and take time for myself. Yet, I did the same thing every year! I spent my day with my little family. (read more…)

Surviving that First Year of Loss – Life as a Solo Mother

  I remember getting that call, I was at my nearly 3 year-old daughter Addison’s dance class when my phone rang and my mother-in-law told me there had been a plane crash at the same airport my husband was flying at. I was told to come home right away because they thought it was Mitch but were not yet 100% sure. I remember grabbing her from class, putting her in her car seat and driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic, which was (read more…)