Living the List: The Grand Canyon

I have this list of brave and bold adventures I do in honor of my late husband, Mitch. My list has evolved since his death in 2009 and with my marriage to my husband Keith it has become even more adventurous than before. This list is a way I honor my past while moving boldly into my future. By completing this list, I claim my life as my own and live with a desire never to give up after a (read more…)

Living the List

It seemed so daunting to consider doing it without him but I knew it was my only choice. From the beyond I could feel his approval as I picked up the pen and started to write our List. Mitch had the heart of an explorer. My late husband loved the mountains and the ocean, and wanted to leave no stone unturned across the globe. In our 9 years of marriage and 15 years together we had climbed many mountains, swam (read more…)