Living the List: The Grand Canyon

I have this list of brave and bold adventures I do in honor of my late husband, Mitch. My list has evolved since his death in 2009 and with my marriage to my husband Keith it has become even more adventurous than before. This list is a way I honor my past while moving boldly into my future. By completing this list, I claim my life as my own and live with a desire never to give up after a (read more…)

Life After Loss by Andrea Ash

Late in 2015, the Live The List Nonprofit was contacted by a widow named Andrea who wanted to see how she could help the Nonprofit raise funds in support of our mission. We felt truly blessed that Andrea, a professional fundraiser, would be so generous with her time and expertise, particularly since the loss of her husband occurred just over a year ago. But Andrea’s desire to help others hasn’t stopped with her offer of help to Live The List. In this (read more…)

Surviving the Holidays – 11 Tips for the Grieving

My late husband passed away in early October 2009 and within two weeks I dealt with my daughter’s 3rd birthday, six weeks after that was our first Thanksgiving without Mitch and a month later – Christmas. Wow, talk about being hit with an emotional sledgehammer.  The holidays are hard on people even without the added pain of grief.  Please know, there is NOTHING anyone can do to fix your pain. You also need to know that your pain is real, (read more…)

Numbing the Pain

Regardless of your struggles tonight, “don’t numb your pain. Live it, experience it, and survive it, and you will be okay”. Wise words given to me as a gift that I now share with you.