Applications are OPEN!

Widows and widowers who are members of Live The List Nonprofit can apply for a sponsorship to join a My1FitLife Fitness Program! The cost to join these programs has generously covered by our nonprofit founders Michelle Steinke-Baumgard and Keith Baumgard. There are 2 options for you to consider for sponsorship:

Option 1. Two Month Membership to The Quest Community

The Quest Community provides a place to follow a healthy lifestyle with like-minded members of the My1FitLife Community. Many people do a challenge and then transition to Quest for ongoing support and reinforcement of the choices you want to make every day. This sponsorship provides two months of membership and includes:

  • Coach inspiration via video
  • Weekly workouts with video examples of proper form
  • Private Facebook page for accountability & support
  • Audio questions to the My1FitLIfe coaches
  • Periodic webinars
  • Discount on events, program reviews

Click Here for More Details, Then Use The Application Form Below to Apply

Option 2. My1FitLife Challenges 

The My1FitLife Jump Start Challenge is a 6-8 week program (regular price of $199/8 weeks) and will be free to sponsored members of Live The List Nonprofit. It includes:

  • Nutrition Guidelines & Grocery List
  • Meal Planning Guidance
  • Access to a Private FaceBook Page With Other Challengers
  • Weekly Workouts that can be adapted for all fitness levels
  • Workout Video Demonstrations
  • Personal Expert Help from My1FitLife Coaches
  • Work on your Mindset with Weekly Homework


Who can apply?
Any widow or widower who is a member of the Live The List Nonprofit can apply for sponsorship. If you previously applied and were not sponsored, your application is still valid.

How do I apply?
Click the link below and fill in the requested information:

My1FitLife Application Form

How will I know if I was selected?

If you receive sponsorship to participate in one of the My1FitLife Fitness Programs, you will be notified by email and will be provided instructions regarding how to sign up and begin.

What if I wasn’t selected?

If you weren’t selected, your application will remain current for one year from the time you applied – you do not need to keep applying.