Michelle’s Morning Meditation

For all of 2015 Michelle has been inspiring people to make the most of each day.  Today, day number 323 she wrote an inspiring little message to help people truly realize how important it is to those who have passed that we continue to live.

Michelle’s Morning Meditation 

Walk with me on a short journey this morning to a beautiful bench overlooking a calm and tranquil bay.

You sit on a bench and take in the warm air, the colorful hues of the water, and the smell of the sea.

It’s calm, it’s peaceful, and it’s inspiring.

While your eyes are closed you feel the presence of another being and you open your eyes to see *that person* who meant the world to you but who’s journey ended long before you were both prepared.

Maybe it’s a spouse, a child, a parent, a sibling or a dear friend.

The close presence of this special person gives you peace and fills your soul with happiness. You will forever love them and they will forever love you.

Let me ask you…..

Would this person who loves you so deeply want you to be living your best life? Would they wish you guilt, agony, solitude, or anger? Would this person who fills your soul and makes you smile, would they tell you to go live with the days you have left?

Of course they would.

They would want you to live your best life. They would want you to take all you have learned and become better in this lifetime.

Loss makes you special.

I know that’s hard to accept or understand but your loss has endowed you with beautiful gifts to share with the world.

Close your eyes and imagine them there on that bench with you now. Look in their eyes and feel their deep desire for you to go live this life. They may be gone from our daily view but their greatest happiness is knowing you didn’t die with them and that you are continuing to live while you can.

Sit on the bench as long as you need to with them there and then go live.

Promise me, and promise them that you will try.











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