A photo taken in Las Vegas of Lake Las Vegas. In the photo is palm trees in front of the lake.
Receive a grant to attend My1FitLife in Lake Las Vegas!


Attend a My1FitLife Adventure Weekend in Lake Las Vegas

After three widows attended the My1FitLife Adventure Weekend in Lake Tahoe, our Founders, Michelle Steinke-Baumgard and Keith Baumgard have decided to sponsor three more widows or widowers to attend the next My1FitLife Adventure Weekend in Lake Las Vegas!

The registration fee will be waived for the members of the nonprofit who receive the grant. The nonprofit will cover costs of accommodation, airfare and transfers from Las Vegas airport to the Westin, Lake Las Vegas.


We now have FOUR grants thanks to a very generous donation from Paola Guernsey. Paola previously attended several My1FitLife Adventure weekends and shares the thoughts behind her donation:

Paola“Going to my first My1FitLife Adventure weekend was life changing for me. Being surrounded by people that are genuine, supportive and loving has helped me and continues to help me with my grief process. My1FitLife empowers me to live my best life, to Live the List, to not take one single moment for granted and to Live for those that left us too soon.

My hope with this donation is that someone’s life will be changed. That their light is ignited once again and they allow it to shine brighter than ever. That they live their best life. And that they remember that we are still here for a reason.

With all my Love,

Paola Guernsey”

Thank you Paola!

Want to Know More About The My1FitLife Adventure Weekend?

Lake Las Vegas is just outside of Las Vegas and is a peaceful and calm oasis with kayaking, hiking and paddle-boarding!! If you’d like the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas you can take a short shuttle ride with friends to the strip!

People who attended prior adventure weekends often say that the experience made a big difference to their lives – helping them find strength, courage and hope for a better future. We hope it will do the same for you.

Dates for the retreat: Thursday, February 23 – Sunday, February 26th, 2017

Link for more details on the My1FitLife Adventure Weekend – Lake Las Vegas 
(Do not use this link to register, we have special instructions for the sponsored widows or widowers.

Applications for sponsorship are now closed.