Dream Big

How can widows and widowers live an Inspired Life?
After the traumatic loss of a spouse or partner, many widows and widowers face an overwhelming task – to continue to live life as best they can, without the person by their side that they always imagined would be there. Working, paying bills, parenting and day to day activities feel almost impossible. Many see it as a win to simply get through the day.

Yet, after several months or even years of trudging through life in this way, the widow or widower realizes deep down that they are at risk of living a life empty of meaning. They want more, but don’t know how to go after it, or don’t have the emotional energy and drive to pursue it. The Live The List Nonprofit seeks to inspire widows and widowers to dream and live a life full of meaning.

To help widows and widowers live an Inspired Life, the Live The List Nonprofit will offer members the opportunity to apply for limited places in our unique Inspired Life service – Live The List!

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Widows and widowers who are members of Live The List Nonprofit and reside in the United States or Canada can apply to receive one of several very limited sponsorships to Live the List. Members are encouraged to identify an item on their bucket list or on their late spouse/partner’s bucket list.

Examples of Live The List items include:

  • Hiking a long dreamed-of location
  • Walking or running a race
  • Attending an adventure weekend that focuses on the mind, body and soul of the member
  • Taking the member’s child/children to a theme park or on a vacation to a significant family location
  • Learning a new hobby
  • Honoring the life of the member’s late spouse/partner in some unique and meaningful way
  • Joining a local fitness center to live a fit and healthy life

The Live The List Nonprofit will provide funding to enable the member to Live the List and inspire them to a life well lived after loss.

On the anniversary of our Founder’s late husband’s death, Michelle routinely completes a bucket list adventure in his honor. The purpose behind this activity is to move boldly into a new and adventurous future while honoring the past on the most solemn of days. Michelle quickly learned that these adventures helped her move forward with love in the most amazing way. The act of physically putting one foot in front of the other is powerful both physically and psychologically. Michelle’s late husband Mitch was all about living life to the fullest so Live the List is a big part of Michelle’s heart and she can’t wait to share it with as many widows and widowers a possible.