Thank you for deciding to make a donation to Live The List Nonprofit. Your donation will help us help more widows, widowers and their children live life well after loss.

Your donation is tax deductible because Live The List Nonprofit is an IRS approved 501(c)3 nonprofit, but as always, please check with your accountant to verify your specific tax deductibility.

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How Will Live The List Nonprofit Use Your Donation?

Live The List Nonprofit will use your donation to:

  1. Grant Live The List sponsorships to widows, widowers and their children
  2. Continuously improve the information services we offer by updating them regularly
  3. Create new services that will help widows, widowers and their children live an Inspired Life

Donating In Support of A Friend or Family Member Who Has Experienced Loss?

After you have donated, click here to request that we send a note card to your friend or family member so that they will know that you have honored their loved one in this way.

In Memorium

Click here to learn more about the services we offer today:

Live The List – An Inspired Life Service

Currently the only thing preventing Live The List from granting these services to more widows and widowers are financial constraints. With your help, we can do more.

Click here to see examples of sponsorships that donations made possible:

They Lived The List!

What Future Services Could My Donation Support?

While Live The List Nonprofit currently focuses on delivering Live The List sponsorships to widows, widowers and their children, our long term plan includes expanding service availability to other groups who have experienced signicant loss.