At 36 Michelle Steinke-Baumgard became a widow with 2 very small children.  In the blink of any eye her husband was gone and so were the hopes and dreams they had for their future.  One of the difficult parts of loss are the losses that come after final goodbyes.

Mitch and Michelle planned an exciting future full of adventure, travel, and excitement.  When he died unexpectedly Michelle felt she had lost those dreams as well.  A few weeks after his loss a fire burned deep within her and she decided that she was not going to fade away easily.  She sat down and wrote a list of their dreams for their family and she vowed to live each one in Mitch’s honor.

Every year on the anniversary of his passing Michelle takes the day to LIVE THE LIST for Mitch.  It’s a way to move boldly forward into the future while bravely honoring the past.

Michelle started to notice that other widows and widowers needed the same positive forward movement in their own lives.  That by fulfilling a wish, a dream, or an adventure they could make forward progress too.  With that realization the Live the List nonprofit was born.

Helping others live big or small dreams for their best life after loss.

Our nonprofit is making a difference in the LIVES of widows, widowers and their children.  We are helping individuals lead by example and positively shape generations after devastating loss.  We can all do great things but sometimes we need the help, encouragement, and the financial support of others to make great things happen.

Do you have a dream to fulfill that will put your life on the right path?  A goal – big or small – that will help you live a purposeful life and live the list? Apply for sponsorship today and let Live the List help move you forward.

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Do you have the ability to help widows and widowers with a generous donation?  Support like yours helps us make the difference for others.  Without donations we cannot give the gift of living the list.

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What we do helps our members honor their past and make a difference in their future.  Each day we have a choice. We choose to help our members LIVE THE LIST.

Ever Wondered About The Meaning Behind Our Logo?


“Upward Arrow”

  • Moving forward
  • Growing
  • Being Active
  • Energy
  • Embarking on the Journey which has No Limits in the Future

“Check Mark”

  • Achieving Goals
  • Checking Off the Bucket List

When you put them together at this angle, it also shows the path someone who has lost has traveled, sinking down to the bottom then bouncing back even stronger than when they started!

“Circle” – Emphasizes this Journey doesn’t end. You don’t complete your list then stop. It’s an endless Journey to live for the future and the Circle helps represent that.

“The Dot” – Adding the dot to the check/arrow mark turns this into a person. The same feelings apply but now it’s being applied to a person.

“LIVE” – This is the most Important word – Live! This is about Living YOUR Life, not being stuck in the Past. Adding the check/arrow as the V in the word Live puts more emphasis on that word.

Live the List Nonprofit Details

Live The List Nonprofit (formerly One Fit Widow Nonprofit) is a nonprofit public benefit charitable organization (EIN 46-4237394) formed under the laws of the State of Montana on November 29th, 2013. Live The List was approved by the IRS for 501(c3) status on September 11th, 2014.

The mission of OFW is to empower bereaved widows and widowers to live life fully after the loss of their spouse or partner so that they and importantly, their children, enjoy a better quality of life than would have otherwise been possible.  Many bereaved widows and widowers do not have the tools, resources, knowledge or inspiration needed to support their grief journey, let alone to achieve a life well lived during that journey.

EIN: 46-4237394


1627 W Main St #257

Bozeman, MT, 59715