A Father Taken

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A Father Taken

by Alyssa Megin

It is the ghost of her past

Coming back to her

She is dragged by her feet

As she screams and kicks the ground

Greeting the face of death

And in the light she sees

All of her life’s tragedies

The red and black pain

She melts into an ocean of sadness as the tears sweep her away

She remembers the feeling of a life that has gone astray

She does not call it a loss


It wasn’t lost


It was taken never to be seen again

And with every sleepless night

She wallows in her own sense of guilt

She is swallowed whole by the feeling of emptiness

The hardest part isn’t saying goodbye

The hardest part is learning to live without

She blames herself

She always blames herself

Her mind swishes into confusion with always that one question




No matter how much she thinks

She will never understand


She starts to hate herself as the time passes

Making her go more insane each second

She runs to the kitchen and opens the drawer

She holds the knife to her skin

And the sound of a thump as she falls to the ground sobbing

Holding the blade firmly in hand

Stuck, never to move

She looks through the cracked window as the moon stares back at her

Afraid to lose sight of who she is

She is not this

She never loses the memory of a promise

A promise to never hurt

Never hurt herself

And only because of that one promise, she will never do it

He will never be there for her wedding

He will never be there to give a her a hug before she sleeps

He will just be a memory until she fades away


She might not have scars on her body

But she has scars on her heart and soul

Someone doesn’t have to have cuts

To be broken


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